Where do I add funds to my account and how much are the rates?

From the “Me” page, select the Settings cog and then navigate to “Subscription.” Here is where you can subscribe. Subscription tiers are weekly at $9.99 and annually at $199.99.

Can I access the app for free?

Yes. The app offers a three-day trial period. When that expires, you will be prompted to select a subscription to continue use. You will receive notifications leading up to the expiration.

How do I get support or provide feedback to improve the app and make it more useful for me?

We welcome your feedback on how we can improve our app! To submit feedback, navigate to the “Settings” menu from your profile page. Choose “Help,” and then “Provide Suggestion” or “Get Support.” Share your thoughts with us in the text box and submit them for review.

Reach the Intuitive AI Advisor team at